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J.F.D. Tube & Coil Products, Inc. has been manufacturing direct replacement and new application tube bundles since 1983. We specialize in cross referencing other manufacturers' makes and model numbers, thus providing our customers with tube bundles that are of the same (or greater) quality than the original, while simultaneously matching the dimensions and performance of the old unit.

J.F.D. standard tube bundles ship 2-3 weeks after receipt of purchase order and data approval.

Tube Bundle Capabilities Include,
But Are Not Limited To:

  • 4" nominal to 60" nominal
  • U-Tube, or Straight Tube (Fixed Tubesheet or Floating Tubesheet)
  • Enhanced Tube, Low-Fin, Lo-Fin, Intergral Tube Bundles (U-Tube or Straight Tube)
  • Tank Heater Tube Bundles
  • Fuel Oil Heater Tube Bundles
  • Double Wall Vented Tube Bundles
  • Standard & Specialty Alloys (see our Alloy List)
  • Heads & Bonnets
  • Tank Collars & Nozzles
  • A.S.M.E. Stamping Available

JFD Can Cross Reference Your Tube Bundle From The Following Manufacturers

  • Adamson
  • Armstrong
  • Graham
  • Patterson-Kelley
  • Thrush
  • American Standard
  • Bell & Gosset
  • ITT Standard
  • Reco
  • Yula
  • A.O. Smith
  • Cemline
  • Old Dominion
  • Taco

Not Sure How to Measure a Tube Bundle?

Check out our online/printable tube bundle dimension sheets! J.F.D.'s engineering and sales staff will assist you with designing and sizing your tube bundle. We can fabricate to your specifications (capabilities), cross-referencing your current make & model or take on-site measurements (in the Tri-State and New England areas).

If you are unsure if you need a new unit or a repair, ship your existing tube bundle to J.F.D. for a diagnosis. We will advise you on your options and the costs. No order is necessary and most tube bundles are diagnosed free of charge. Freight and inspection fees may apply to certain tube bundles. Contact us today to see if we can diagnose your tube bundle free of charge.

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