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J.F.D. Tube & Coil Products, Inc. can fabricate the simplest bends to the most complex process coils. J.F.D. has the skilled craftsmen and the fabrication machinery necessary to meet all of your coil needs. Our machinists build tooling as needed and our welders are A.S.M.E. certified, so whether you are looking for 1 small 3/8'' OD tube coil or 100 large 6'' pipe coils we can help you.

Not Sure How to Measure a Coil?

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J.F.D. also designs and fabricates prototype coils for approval. We can bend our coils from any commercially available alloy. Check out our list of alloys. We are A.S.M.E. certified with our "U", "UM", “H”, “S”, and NBIC "R" stamps.

J.F.D. manufactures coils to our customers' specifications (we do not mass produce coils) so, lead times depend on the complexity, quantity, and availability of material for the coils.

We Fabricate Standard And Customer Coils Including, But Are Not Limited To:

  • A.S.M.E. Code Symbols “U”, “UM”, “H”, “S”, and National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) “R” stamp
  • 3/8" OD Tube to 6" Pipe (IPS)
  • Bare & Finned Tube Coils
  • Helical Coils
  • Nested Coils
  • Tube-In-Tube Coils
  • Serpentine Coils
  • Tapered & Flat Spiral Coils
  • Flat & Contour Zig-Zag Coils
  • Box Coils

Photo Gallery

Two Helical Coils with Flanges and SupportsHelical Coil with FlangesHelical Heat Transfer CoilsBox Heat ExchangerFlat Box CoilsPipe CoilsPipe Helical CoilSmall Helical CoilStacked Spiral CoilsStacked Pancake Cuprawicked Tube CoilHelical Heat Transfer Coil Fabrication In ProcessStainless Steel Cooling Coils

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