Pipe & Tube Bends

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J.F.D. Tube & Coil Products, Inc. can fabricate the simplest to the most complex Bends, including specialty and prototype bends. Our skilled craftsmen have been fabricating all types of bends for over 25 years. By designing and producing tooling as needed, J.F.D. can produce almost any bend configuration you require in a wide variety of pipe and tube alloys and sizes.

End configuration provisions such as threads, unions, etc. are provided as required. J.F.D. can fabricate our bends from any commercially available alloy. We are A.S.M.E. certified: "U", "UM", and "R" stamps.

J.F.D.'s engineering and sales staff will promptly provide design assistance and price quotes.

Our Bends Fabrication Capabilities Include,
But Are Not Limited To:

  • A.S.M.E. Code Symbols "U", "UM", and National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) "R" stamp
  • 1/8" OD Tube to 12" Pipe (IPS)
  • Rotary & Compression Bending
  • Compound or Single Bends
  • Any Commercially Available Pipe or Tube
  • Complete Testing Services
  • Rush Shipments Available

Photo Gallery

Compound BendsCompound Steel BendLarkins Twig Pipe BendingStainless Steel Bends1/4'' OD T-304 Stainless Steel Compound Bends316 Stainless Steel U-Tubes4'' I.P.S. 304SS Sweep BendsOperating Rotary Draw Bending MachineCopper Conductor Coils

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